Friday, July 3, 2009

Doing HBA Crunchy Style

For those not in the know HBA= Health and beauty aids just a little something I picked up in the grocery store days lol

So here's the list of what we use....Yes WE seeing as B uses whatever I use lol

I guess we shall start from head to toe!

Head= Shampoo and Conditioner

I am a firm believer in shaking up my products as in alternating what I use and it seems to work well for my hair. So I have four products I use 2 shampoos and conditioners

1. GudonyaToo Tahitian Vanilla Salty Dawg Can I say ummmmm I love the smell of this and love what it does for my hair!

2. GudonyaToo Tahitian vanilla conditioner

3. Alba hawaiian Honeydew shampoo

4. Alba hawaiian honeydew conditioner

Now here's how I switch it up...It depends on where I'm going, How hot it is, and if my hair is going to get done lol

1. using 1 & 4 together

2. using 3&2 together

These two combos work great for when I'm going nowhere and my hair is going in a ponytail. Oh and I don't dry it lol

Now I will use the corresponding products together when I need to blow dry and going out I use the gudonya for going out I think this is just because I love the smell lol

Now for body wash

We LOVE Jason satin soap we have tired tea tree, lavender, aloe, citrus, and apricot...I didn't like the lavender and neither did B but the others are A+ in my book!

I use to be a plastic poof junky but no more I made some flannel/sherpa wash clothes that lather just as well if not better than the icky plastic poof

I don't use any products in my hair for anything no mouse, no hairspray, it pretty does what it wants when it wants..always has why change it well expect fr the early 90's when I need brick bangs you all know what brick bangs are...Hairdryer blow up bangs hairspray to cement the suckers up and the obligatory perm oh yea I rocked it!

Removal of body hair aka shaving

I make a shave oil with a few little oils that I love I've always broke out on my legs and got bad razor burn the only thing that worked was skintitmate baby soft shaving cream but not anymore

Now on the razor front I'm not sure I can give up my men's shick that pulsates I love that thing..maybe one day...

Deodorant: I haven;t found a natural one that either didn't break me out or not work at all...I've tired tom's and alba....So I'm still using degree right now
I will say this though oigoi worked really well no odor no wetness but my body doesn't like cornstarch under my arms apparently

I haven't worn nail polish in four years or so but I really want to try piggypaint....maybe here soon

Toothpaste...we use toms though I can;t seem to find one local without sls and that doesn;t sit well with me but it's either that or some other one filled with crap I am working on it though

Toothbrush sorry I can't give up my oral b sonic I love it at least it rechargeable and all I'm disposing of is the heads of it...I'm still on the hunt of somewhere to recycle them

Face washing I NEED A NEW FACEWASH was that loud enough can someone recommend me one? I have way oily skin and it's hot down here so I need help...But I cleanse my face with witch hazel and alchol morning and night using my reusable face pads from many stores in etsy...But my fave ones are my organic bamboo velour and organic bamboo fleece that artsyfartsyfoofoo made me LOVE! B doesn;t use those He's not allowed!

That's all I got for now...toodles


  1. Try Talulah skin care products! They're devine and the Primrose face serum will clear up a face full of blemishes overnight!!! Seriously incredible stuff!

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