Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ahh the joys of line drying...

I love my clothesline...Simply stated I love turning on the garage radio and jamming all while I hang our clothes in the beautiful sunshine. Yes I know "But you make DRYER balls" this I realize but when I can use the line I do....and when I can't my precious balls o wool are bouncing around dryer.

Today was the perfect for the line, the sun was out it wasn't humid and there was a ever so soft breeze blowing..yippeeee....So I stripped beds and washed bed clothes and hung them outside.

I did leave them out there most of the day...when I got back from picking Bren up from work...I went to get them down everything was lovely until I saw THIS......

Bird Dookie! ICK!

this has never happened before ugh so I took it down sprayed some bac-out on it and it's the wash again.

My sister in law has been staying with us and she is a bit of a clean freak and that just happens to be the set of sheets that go on her I tired my best not to tell her....she found out anyway lol


  1. hahaha that happened to me the only time I tried to sun C's diapers!

  2. lol luvlie a diaper is for poop.

    Christina is your sister sleeping on the sheets?

  3. LOL girl, that is hilarious :O)
    Its happened to me several times, but my dog is a worse culprit. He thinks laundry must come down if its on the line, like his own special prey.... Gah!

  4. @greenlivingmama- Yup she is now...I told her but it all came out with the bac-out so she is ok lol

  5. Eek bird poop! I'd line dry but the winds are crazy here.

    Oh, in regards to the note you left on my blog, I'm sorry the code didn't work. Hmm, I got another code with my glasses which saves 10%. The code is: "refer" withotu quotes. I hope that helps!



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