Thursday, June 11, 2009

The year in review

It's been a year or so since we started changing things so I decided to sit and think if I can recall everything we've done.

- No paper towels we use unpaper towels which sit all pretty in a decorative bowl on my island. They are made of flannel and sherpa

- Cloth napkins, I had four when we first started from a set of placemats I got for our new table they were never used and just sat in the closet. I broke them out and now have a over flowing basket of napkins that I only buy when I find them on clearance =)

-I got rid of all my old plastic wear..except for on piece of Tupperware I couldn't part with. With plastic you worry about BPA. BPA is Bisphenol A, It leeches into food and drink when exposed to heat. Now there is BPA free plastic but I fell in love with Pyrex/anchor glass storage I know I have multiples in every size...I would buy it when it was on sale at the Dept. stores and even found some big pieces at biglots. For the pieces I already had that had no lids I called Pyrex and order replacement lids.

- Buying organic when I can. There isn't much around us and our shopping is limited to "That store that shall remain nameless but starts with a "W" ." With vegetables and fruit I try to buy local and in season. I go to the farmer's market every Saturday morning. The older man in the first booth always says "I get happy when I see those bags a coming" I rack up =)

- I do all the shopping on Friday morning. We use to do it together all the time I enjoyed it until food prices started going up and B would go on and on about how expensive I am. I kept asking did he want to eat if not I wouldn't buy groceries anymore. So I started going Friday mornings while he is at work and I can shop and read labels in peace. Oops I got off subject. I always bring my reusable bags, I pick a line where there is someone in front so I can unload and then bag myself. It's aggravating when cashiers look like I'm inconvenienceing them buying asking them to use my bags. I mean I was one once but still I'm not rude, well not most of the time. Anyways I got to some of the same cashiers so they know me and granted half of B's family works at walmart anyway. We don't live in a big area

-Oh I almost forgot..along the lines of reusable grocery bags I have reusable produce bags which I LOVE! I have three kinds and they all have a different purpose.
Which I got from here, here, and here

-I bake and cook more often then I use to. I'm not afraid to try new recipes though B is afraid of them sometimes lol. I want to start canning but I think it will be next year we failed at getting a garden going this year.

I think that is everything from the crunchykitchen. More crunchyhousehold stuff tommrrow.

I know I left off cleaning but that is a post all in it's self =)

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  1. Great job! It is amazing how quickly the "little" things add up.



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